What makes doing business in Dubai such a compelling destination for company formation and entrepreneurship? One of this jurisdiction’s calling cards is the ease of doing business in Dubai. So, if you’re wondering why you should choose Dubai over everywhere else, we have a list of the advantages, as well as some insight into the opportunities available to you.

Why do business in Dubai?

Dubai is a multicultural city that has two-thirds of the world’s population within reach on flights of eight hours or less, allowing it to serve as a nexus for the East and West, along with being the heart of the Africa-Middle East-Asia triangle. Dubai’s rapid growth, strategic location and favourable business culture have led it to gain the reputation of being an easy place to do business. What numbers support that theory?

The study from the World Bank analyses economic regulations in 190 countries around the world. When examining the UAE, the World Bank used Dubai in its methodology. In the recently released 2020 edition, the UAE had an overall ranking of 17 in the world, and was the #1 economy in the region, outpacing its peer states in the Gulf. Within the criteria from the study, the UAE stood out as being the easiest country to get electricity, the third-best for gaining construction permits, the ninth-best for enforcing contracts and the tenth-best for registering property.

The country aims to be at the top of these rankings, and many of the “smart” services on offer to UAE-based businesses are working to streamline the process more than ever before.

A zero-tax regime

The UAE currently does not have a federal CT regime. CT is determined at an Emirate level through tax decrees. Currently, at an Emirate level, the UAE only levies corporate tax on oil and gas companies and branches of foreign banks.

Safe and Robust Governance

UAE is the fastest growing country among other Arab countries as well as globally credited as a safe and secured country. UAE has been voted in top three safest countries to invest around the world in 2018. With a positive growth rate of 7.5%

A world-class financial hub

UAE is on its way to achieving global recognition as a leading business hub in the region 

DUBAI & ABU DHABI are the global Hub in UAE

cost-effective places to register a company

UAE continues to be the preferred choice of businesses. With economic diversification, ongoing infrastructure improvements and upcoming city development initiatives, 


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